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Above is one of the first foals I have had in seven years--I stopped breeding because of market--it has been pretty grim. This is Just Peachy, American Sport Horse colt, registered with the PHR, and he is also eligible for registry with the American Warmblood Society and Sport Horse Registry. He has a large white star and small stripe on his face, of course the palomino color, and although you can't really see it in this picture he is also dappled--picture taken 6  months ago, he is now  to be gelded  so he is not breeding stock. A very quiet calm disposition. His potential seems to be for eventing, dressage,  hunter--his hip structure reveals a dressage lean. He should mature at 16.1 or 16.2 hands, he has good bone, great feet and legs. His price is $4000

His pedigree .

Above is Iced Tea, a yearling filly, 3/4 sister to Peachy above. Iced Tea has a white star and is dappled--both are in their rough winter coats in these pictures, so it is hard  to see the dapples. Her hip structure reveals she will do well in jumping, as well does her short back and sturdy pony-like build. She is also a good prospect for Hunters, Western Dressage, Trail, English and Western Pleasure. She should mature at 15.2 to 15.3 hands, great legs and feet. She is PHR registered and DNA typed and is also eligible for the American Warmblood Society and Sport Horse Registry. Sweet and quiet disposition, very calm. $3500

her pedigree

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