Historical Studies of Horse Racing and Breeding by Gary O'Dell

Gary O'Dell, a recently retired geography professor at Morehead University, has produced several historical studies on the horse racing and breeding industry, especially in his home state of Kentucky. I believe these articles may be of interest and value to the readers of my site. He has given me permission to post them here for your benefit. You may contact Gary with questions or feedback or for permissions to quote from his work: godell@roadrunner.com

Reinventing the Thoroughbred - The Arabian Adventures of Alexander Keene Richards

This book will be published this winter by Louisiana State University Press, but you may read abstract here. This is a fascinating study into the life of A. K. Richards and will give insight into what motivated his trips to Arabia to buy racers for his Kentucky racehorse stud.   

Under Siege: Kentucky and the Transformation of American Thoroughbred Racing, 1865-1936

Historical look at the post Civil War racing industry in Kentucky

At the Starting Post: Racing Venues and Origins of Thoroughbred Racing in Kentucky 1783-1865

Interesting review of the building of the Thoroughbred breeding industry in Kentucky.

Denton Offutt: Horse Whisperer

Biographical study of Kentucky's first horse whisperer.