Soundness Studies Index

This is the index for the studies on this site on soundness.

IntroductionThese studies were inspired by the racing career of Foiled Again. This introduction will explain the structure of the attached reviews of the three racehorse breeds. Each breed will be examined via Tesio Methods, history and applicable scientific studies to identify the carriers of soundness and durability and to discover root bloodlines that are common to all three breeds that have proven to be purveyors of resiliency. 

Soundness and the Standardbred the bloodlines of 24 modern Standardbreds that have won over 100 races

Soundness and the Thoroughbred the bloodlines of 21 Thoroughbreds who have demonstrated durability and soundness in their careers 

Soundness and the Quarter Horse the bloodlines of 10 racing quarter horses that have run over 60 races the conclusions drawn for the entire 3 part study.

Soundness and the Breeder - discussion on how to rid lines of unsoundness

Rusty's Flying - two mares added to the 100 win category