Tesio Methods


Tesio Methods is a term coined for the discipline of pedigree analysis that was first begun by studying the winning horses of Federico Tesio, to determine what he had done in his breeding designs to achieve his amazing success. Over the years many people have worked on this, Ken McLean, Clive Harper, Les Brinsfield and many others, some have left us books outlining their discoveries, others articles, websites, forums. In a nutshell, certain pedigree designs have proven to concentrate and bring forward the favorable genetic factors to our stock; there is still discussion on these methods, but overall they have proven much more successful for breeders than many of the other breeding theories and practices out there. They are valuable also in indicating the historical transmission of traits and the origins of breeds. This website is pleased to host many of our modern scholars of this practice (see associates page) and their findings are posted as articles here. This school of study was begun in the Thoroughbred industry and remained there for decades, I believe I was the first to convert it to use for the sport horse industry as a whole. This is an ongoing venture and we look forward to more developments in this field.

For years I had articles on this site to explain and instruct in Tesio Methods. Finally, the information got so massive I turned it into a book, first, North American Sport Horse Breeder, which is a easy to understand step by step instruction in applying Tesio Methods to your own breeding projects. I recommend this book for the beginner as it will clearly demonstrate the process. This book is still popular and readily available through any online bookseller. 

NASHB cover

Years later with more advancements in this discipline and and a whole new load of articles on this subject it was time to publish another book: Become Your Own Tesio, which covers the principles in more depth with historical and recent examples, and includes and addresses controversies about the subject. If you are already familiar with pedigree analysis and these methods this second book may be more what you are looking for. 


All my books are available on all online booksellers.