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A word for my readers: these first three books are meant as references, to supply in one volume what is needed for the sport horse breeder to be able to first of all read a pedigree, and then be empowered by knowledge of bloodlines and pedigree science to create a advantageous breeding, or even just be able to recognize potency in horses for purchase. I wrote the books I needed, providing the information that was absent from the usual industry narratives. I hope it helps you, it has helped me immensely.

Book outlines: 

Standardbred Sport Horses was written because the sport horse breeder is unaware of the huge genetic potential that is found in the Standardbred (and our other domestic sport breeds) for our use and benefit. It is important to rekindle pride in our domestic breeders by discovering that we are continuing a unbroken sport horse breeding tradition that began in 1611 in our colonies. North America, from the moment of its first settlements bred the finest sport horses in the world, and this first breed is the base of all our sport breeds. Sport breeds? Almost all American developed breeds are true sport horses, and their genetics are almost pure sport. If that statement puzzles you then you need to read this book.

Standardbred Sport Horses is my third book and it continues all the themes covered in the first two and enlarges them. All three of these books are designed to be references and history, so that you can have the information you need to create your best horses. It has taken decades of study, database building, research, writing, and breeding to arrive at this text. And it is meant as a record and a reference of our North American sport horse heritage, and the resultant bloodlines that power modern sport. It is my strong belief that the breeder needs to understand where equine sport ability arises from and to understand our own equine breeding legacy, in order to become aware of the fantastic resource that is right in front of us--unrecognized and therefore underutilized, so that we can meet and exceed the breeding challenges of our day.

subjects covered:

*American Running Horse history 1611 to 1925

*mid gait bloodlines originating in America and England

*equine genetics and relevance to sport horse breeding

*American Trotter 1818-1879

*Pacing Running Horse and Narragansett branch, Morgan Horse and Canadian Pacer history and bloodlines

*American Standardbred 1879-present

*American Trotter and Standardbred in International sport and breeding from 1829 to present

*Standardbred in modern Olympic style sport and breeding

*American breeds and breeders in the modern International market place

694 pages, 208 7-generation pedigrees, 224 illustrations, full bibliography, 9 appendices

These books are non-fiction works designed as references for the Olympic style sport horse breeder, but are relevant also for the racehorse, western or pleasure horse breeder--the breeding principles for successful breeding are the same, no matter the breed of horse or the discipline.

North American Sport Horse Breeder provides step by step instructions in applying Tesio  Methods in our breeding designs with 35 in depth analysis of individual horses, and is suitable for the beginner in pedigree design. 


* brief history of sport horse breeding in North America and the development of the new international sport horse.

*  step by step instruction in Tesio Methods, this is where you will learn to read a pedigree and design a winning mating

*To assist in understanding the breeding principles in depth pedigree analysis and discussion is provided for thirty-five individual sport horses; some famous, some foundation horses, others are owned by regular competitors, with the horses drawn from a variety of American and foreign breeds--each example providing background information on its breed's sport potential.

* Useful appendices with additional information including the American Thoroughbred's suitability for Olympic style sport, which Thoroughbreds are stamina lines, an outline and short biography of key foundation sires, the power found in full siblings is demonstrated with historical examples from the Morgan, Hanoverian and Thoroughbred, a discussion of American foundation sires, a timeline of American sport horse development and an example of a intense pedigree verification carried out by John Wallace.

Legacy of Lexington:

This book will document the development of the unique American Thoroughbred, and explain why it is different from every other Thoroughbred population in the world. It will point out the important hereditary transmitters of sport ability and how to incorporate these lines into the sport horse for its improvement. This book may be more difficult for a beginner, or those who are unfamiliar with the Thoroughbred breed as a whole, and it is recommended for the person who has some understanding of relevant bloodlines and pedigree design. It is definitely a asset for those trying to understand the American Thoroughbred and why it has dominated racing since the 1970s. 

* history of American Thoroughbred, why it is unique

*distance racing era and its resultant bloodlines

* American Thoroughbred in International sport and breeding from 1856 to present

* Jersey Act, why it was imposed and its far reaching effect

* modern power bloodlines

*unsoundness and what to do about it

* American Thoroughbred in Olympic style sport and best bloodlines