Article Use

Thank you for your interest in my work; I am a writer and just like you I am out here trying to make a living. On the subject of article use, first of all, I am grateful that you have found worth in my work, but I have discovered there is quite a bit of confusion on how my work may be used, and I apologize for not responding to this sooner. If you think you may want to use my writings, here are a few guidelines:

*You may link to any of my articles for no charge, and you do not need my permission to do so.

*Reprints of the articles found here, whether in whole or in part, require my approval.

*PLEASE do not copy my work without my permission. This includes the articles on my website as well as anywhere else my work appears. (I have given license to use my work to some websites and magazines, but that right belongs only to them, and does not transfer to their users, readers and viewers). I use the service, which alerts me weekly of any plagiarism found in the entire web, so just don't do it.