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Amer. Hunter Horse

The picture above is an American Hunter Horse, with other hunter horses in the background, being trained by a point to point (circa 1800). This is a wood engraving by Alexander Anderson--original print at both the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library--digital collections.

This site will provide information for the sport horse breeder on sport horse bloodlines and sport horse history, it is especially directed to the North American breeder to give them back the true history of their breeds. If you notice that articles you are searching for can no longer be found on this site, it is usually because the data in that study has become so massive that I convert it and additional research into a book form. The site is in the process right now of another reordering, with many previous articles removed. As before access the tabs on the left to find the subjects you may be interested in. Thanks for reading. 

Today I announce the publishing of a book that covers the history of our American Running Horse. You will find in it all the data I previously posted here, plus much more I found through deeper research. The American Running Horse tab on the left will take you to a page with more information on this new book. 

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